ALCATRAZ - A Farrier F41 Catamaran - SAIL #33


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YouTube video of walk thru

Let me start with the name of the vessel, ALCATRAZ, a word most associate with a prison. If that is what she is there’d be a lot more crime, I think. The name was inspired by my children’s initial reaction to what might be involved in helping me with the build and my admiration of Pelicans, called “Alcatraz” in Spanish.

Since launch in October 2006 Alcatraz had extensively cruised South Australian waters and circumnavigated Tasmania and this website documents some of the build history, some of my travels, maintenance and modification history. The content of the site has been altered on an on going basis to incorporate new experiences without exceeding my providers space limitations and this latest change will now switch the emphasis to illustrate the boats features and has necessitated the dropping of some of the previous content.

Alcatraz during her excursions in South Australian waters, which offer exceptional cruising destinations, yet that at times can be cool, rough and windy and the Tasmanian adventure, has demonstrated that she can handle these conditions with ease whilst providing the crew with comfort and security. Her foam sandwich construction whilst strong and rot proof, provides very good insulation and the crew has not suffered major discomfort in the heat (40 dC +) or cold freezing nights in Tasmania when we had ice form on the deck.

Experience to date has demonstrated that the equipment and instrumentation levels are in keeping with the demands of coastal cruising. However provisions were built in to facilitate desalination, air conditioning and power generation equipment. Our cruises further demonstrated that the layout, furniture and storage facilities handle 4 person, 2 week trips away from civilization without any sacrifice to comfort.

To provide for a comprehensive understanding of what Alcatraz offers I added links, at the top of this page, to a comprehensive high resolution set of photo’s and an extensive description / inventory, which I think fully describe the boat and what it offers. If you like what you see please contact me, via email link on top or phone, to discuss any outstanding issues and where to go next.

Maintenance is to date and the boat is in good condition but despite being, “For Sale”, I plan to use the boat normally, as I understand the sale process can and is likely to be protracted. Finding a good home for Alcatraz will however be, the priority.


YouTube video of upwind performance

Since the launch she has done many trips to Kangaroo Island and the Spencer Gulf as these waters offer fantastic sailing, fishing, snorkeling, many anchorages and great weather (during the season) with no need for overnighters. Most of our trips entailed 30 -50 mile days, occasionally 90 and these were all achieved without leaving at the break of dawn and with daylight anchoring, time for fishing and drinks, before the sunset at the other end. The trips to the West coast of Eyre Peninsula and Tasmania circumnavigation can be accessed by the following links, as can some of the non-sailing activities that go with boat ownership, maintenance and modifications to improve the vessel.


April 08

Tasmania Trip

The log of our circumnavigation of Tasmania, some of the mishaps, joys and the use of SOB software with Grib and AIS overlays for navigation.

July 08


Details of the Bimini and Targa access plank provision.

Feb 09

Eyre Peninsula

Learning to relax and take it as it comes on a trip to SA's West Coast on Eyre Peninsula.

Nov 10


A trip to Wallaroo for maintance and prepare the boat for the "Around Australia" rally. Transom repair and Daggerboard adjustment.


This web site was first established to share my experiences during the build of ALCATRAZ, but soon out grew the space provided by my ISP and once my e-mail's started bouncing I was forced to omit material to publish the updates. I also had to scale back a feature I liked providing, big enlargements of the illustrations (by clicking on them) as these provided for a more detailed study.

The final record comprises of 29 Chapters and provide a complete record of the build. To provide for simpler navigation I compiled a "linked" Index listing all the chapters, topics and items of interest, a copy of which can be accessed using the link in the title bar.

Only some of the original Chapters and excerpt of some of the new ones are available on this site and these can be accessed by the active links (colored) of the Index or via the table below.

The complete Build record and 4000+ photo's taken during the build have been compiled on a CD. A "pdf" record of the Build and Sailing / Maintenance record have been posted on the cloud and the links can be made available.


The SB Inner Hull

The first hull section I started, the excerpt covers the stringers, foam fixing and fairing and is fully functional including access to the enlarged photo's.


The Port Inner Hull Exterior

Again an excerpt of the original chapter, with photo's. The content describes the completion of the external surface of the final hull I build and it illustrates some of the techniques I developed as things progressed.


Front Deck, Bow beam and Netting

This is an excerpt with some of the photo's missing as I ran out of space. I left the text as it still illustrates the content provided on the CD


Waste and Water Services

The text of the Chapter was not edited, the photo's & diagrams are largely missing. The content of these latter chapters is applicable to others designs as it is normally determined by the owner


Electrical & Refrigeration

Full text, no data and partial photo's of a topic I spend many nights sorting out. Again all solutions are going to be different and determined by the type of function required by the owner.