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Ultimate Crane Truck Hire
0407 131 451

Crane truck pickup & delivery service
to the Sunshine Coast and surrounding  areas
Specialising in : Steel * Timber * Roofing * Reinforcing * Scaffolding *
If you need it moved then you need to ring us.
 Experienced operators,
11 ton load capacity with 8.1 metre long Tray (9 metre lengths possible)*
Remote control crane, 2500kg crane lift at 4.0 metres,
943kg at 10 metre reach.
Satellite navigation for efficient delivery times
Ultimate service and care taken 

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Truck details                                                               Crane capacity   

Crane capacity

2019 Hino FM 500  

12 metres long  :  2.5 metres wide
3.3 metres high  :  290 HP, Auto
Bogie drive, diffs locks & traction control
reversing camera and sensors
Orange flashing light, UHF radio


Palfinger 12.501

Reach :10 Metres
Crane lifting capacity at =
4 Metres : 2500kg
6 Metres : 1600kg
8 metres : 1150kg
10 metres : 943kg


Tray details                                                                 Drivers details   

Crane capacity

Tray details 

Tray 3 mm steel : 2.5 metres wide : 8.1 metres long, 4 removable pins down each side for load safety : 
removable frames down one side of the tray, to carry up to 9 metre long lengths of steel & roofing over the crane tube at rear.

Ultimate Crane Truck Hire

Driver details

All our drivers are licenced to operate the trucks and cranes legally, with years of driving experience and building site deliveries on a daily basis 
They have hundreds of hours loading and unloading with truck mounted cranes.
They adhere to all the latest safety requirements.